listen live on qccrfm
listen live on qccrfm
listen live on qccrfm
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Welcome to QCCR, the Voice of Queens County! Officially known as CJQC-FM, we broadcast 24/7/365 from Liverpool, Nova Scotia, on Canada's Atlantic shore. You can listen to us on the radio at 99.3 FM, or anywhere around the world live on the Internet. QCCR is a true community-based radio station; we have an all-volunteer staff, and our limited-power transmitter (50 watts) dedicates our signal to Liverpool and the local Queens County area.

QCCR FM radio wants to hear from you! Please take our Listener Appreciation Survery so we can make QCCR FM the best it can be for all of our wonderful listeners.

we want to hear from you

QCCR plays a wide varitey of music. Our daytime weekday programing consists of soft hits from Whitney Houston & Michael Jackson to the soulful sounds of Adele. Early evening will get you Newfoundlandeze, and Maritime old time and new Country, with a splash of Blues, Indie, Big Band.

Weekends are big on QCCR and feature the oldies and some of the best classic rock to be heard. We take great pride in being an electic station that serves the varied and discerning tastes of our listening audience. To learn more about QCCR FM Radio please head on over to our ABOUT US section.

Everyone at QCCR FM is committed to making it the best community radio station in Nova Scotia. We encourage the public to provide new ideas and input on how to best make this happen. If you'd like to send us your suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us via phone or our CONTACT section.

If you want to listen to us on your mobile phone you can download the Official QCCR FM Radio App from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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team qccr

Pictured from the left to right in the front are Brian Godfrey Co Manager and Treasurer, Susan Macleod Chair of the Board,Wayne Smith Program Manager.Back row left to right are Nick Moase Director ,Vina Moses, Vice Chair and Co Manager, Mike Boudreau Director and Norman Amirault Director.

Thank you for your support!

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