Warmer Temperatures Contribute to Increased Traffic

Published Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nova Scotia RCMP is encouraging motorists to be respectful of others when out enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Every spring there is an increase in calls to police for such things as people revving the engine of their vehicle, squealing tires and speeding. This is disrespectful to those around you and you are violating the Motor Vehicle Act of Nova Scotia.

Driving irresponsibly can not only cause you to break the law, it can also cost you money. By driving the speed limit and not squealing your tires, you can save the gas you are burning and possibly the cost of new tires. As a motorist, we all have choices to make. If you break the law, be prepared to accept responsibility for your actions.

Another issue on our roads and highways is the lack of turn signals being used by motorists. Entering the highway, making a turn, or passing another vehicle are times to use your signal. This is a reflection of drivers not being aware and paying attention while driving, which often puts other motorists at risk.

"It's simple. Look in your mirror to ensure it's safe to turn or pull out to pass another vehicle, then use your signal", say's Cpl. Dal Hutchinson, Halifax District RCMP. "This lets other motorists know what your intentions are."

As you head out on your motorcycle, car or truck to enjoy the summer, keep safety in mind. Buckle up, put down your phone and drive respectfully.

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