Learn How to Vote at Your Local Library

Published Friday, September 11, 2015

Liverpool, Queens County - Heather Kelly - QCCR News Director

Will You Vote?

The act of voting can be intimidating or confusing. As Canadians prepare for what could be one of the closest and most fiercely contested federal elections in recent history, South Shore Public Libraries is working with other community organizations to offer Vote PopUp. Vote Popup is easy-to-use, and gives first-time or infrequent voters the opportunity to practice casting a ballot prior to the election and to affirm their commitment to political participation. Everyone can participate and mark their ballot to show what issues they care about most.

The Vote PopUp kit allows community organizations and civic leaders to simulate the voting experience by recreating a polling place and fosters interest by providing an opportunity for participants to connect their concerns and interests with the electoral process. Vote PopUp is a flexible, stand-alone tool that can be used during an existing program, like an adult education class, or a large public event, like a music festival, and doesn't require any external support.

For all participants, it is an opportunity to have their voices heard. Instead of being told what matters to them or why they should vote, participants are asked what matters to them and why voting is important. Their responses are showcased by local organizers and their voices amplified through social media and Samara’s national network.

Vote PopUp is produced by Samara Canada, a charity dedicated to reconnecting citizens to politics. 

You can follow Samara on twitter @samaracda or get more information at http://www.samaracanada.com/election/votepopup

Vote PopUp will be at the Thomas H. Raddall Library, on Old Bridge Street in Liverpool from  September 14 to October 4.

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