Tip of the Day

Hair conditioner for cars?
Wipes for windows
Baking soda takes out smell
Buff your dash with olive oil
Remove rust with cola
Squeegeeing the seats?
Vaseline shine
A brush and a vacuum
Magic erasers clean your interior
Emergency glass polish
Q-tip detailing
DIY washer fluid
Shine your body with clay, car body, that is :)
Take off bumper stickers with WD-40
Toothpaste for your headlights
Foam brushes for your vents
Bleach your wheels
Decorate plastic baskets for attractive storage
Craft ribbon dispenser
Makeup drawer cleanup
Binders for keeping papers organized
Organize a laundry room with baskets
Organize video game accessories with shoe hangers
Ice cube trays can organize office supplies
Store dice and small items in plastic containers
Great belt organizer from clothespins
Clear plastic cups for organizing cords
Craft organizer boxes keep hair supplies tidy
Organizing craft supplies with recycled cans
Portable spice kit organizer
Using shower cap for storing shoes while travelling
Use wet wipes container for storing plastic bags
How to stop an apple from browning once it is cut
Store your shoes the easy way.
Stop your clothes from falling off your hangers
Organize your scarves with shower curtain rings.
Organize cookie cutters with a paper towel rack.
Store your K-Cups in an egg carton
Vacuuming a room where you think you have lost some small item, like an earring or a bead?
Baking soda is a good alternative to bleach
A simple way to clean the garbage disposal
Have a foul odor in your kitchen you just can’t seem to get rid of?
Tired of the smell of your garbage can?
Make use of your ceiling
Cutting board that fits over top of sink
Fingerprints all over your stainless steel appliances?
Grease buildup on top of your cabinets?
Keep cling wrap in the fridge
Regularly open and close window blinds or curtains
How to keep a nice scent in the living room
A good idea on how to replace solid fabrics
A simple and easy way to use cork
How to wax bathroom tiles
How to pour sticky substances easily out of a measuring cup
How to prevent bananas from ripening too fast
Another way to clean old paint brushes
An easier way not having to lick envelopes
Fake jewelry turning your skin green?
How to remove onion or garlic smell from your hands
A good way to have storage in the kitchen
A great use for drink can tabs
How to scrub glassware easily
How to easily store matches
How to store saucepan lids
How to easily remove a broken lightbulb
How to store delicate Christmas decorations
How to store scarves easily
How to keep lettuce from wilting in fridge
A simple way to make your bathroom always smell nice
How to store bed sheets
How to make a simple bird feeder
How to open a jar easily
How to decorate a chocolate cake easily
How to not lose the end of a large roll of scotch tape
How to lift out indentations made by furniture on carpet
Easy way to tell if eggs are fresh
How to easily press garlic
How to clean the bottom of a handbag
How to cook stuffed peppers easily
How to clean paint trays easier
How to make a cheap watering container
How to store shoes
Simple way to slice cherry tomatoes
Another form of bathroom cleaner.
How to get your shower head clean.
Save your soles.
Another use for finely grated cheese
Prevent frost from accumulating inside car windows.
Gather herbs from the garden.
Onion for earaches
Wipe up sawdust after working in the garage.
How to prevent body odor.
Prevent a handbag from turning into a snow globe.
Ice an injury.
Clean drains.
Moisturize cuticles.
Silence squeaky doors.
Clean a teakettle or a coffeemaker.
Tea bags for aches and pains.
How to easily scrub pans.
Prevent thread from tangling when sewing
Make age spots on skin disappear
How to add seasonings when making soup
Where not to beat egg whites.
A good tip on folding tablecloths and sheets
When baking a milk pudding.
How to prevent cakes from burning in oven
To improve flavour of old potatoes
How to make a pie crust more easily.
A good tip to improve the taste of mashed potatoes
To remove salt from salted fish.
How to wash parsley properly.
How to stop odor of cooking cabbage
When cooking cranberries
A good tip for egg yolks being added to hot puddings
A good tip for lemons before being used
To avoid lumps in batter.
To remove iodine stains
A good tip when baking bread
How to cream butter and sugar easily in a recipe
How to remove fruit stains
How to bake a potato faster
To prevent nuts from sinking to the bottom of a cake
Simple way to clean the grooves of carved furniture
Do not discard worn pillow slips
A good tip on how to prepare a garden
Save on energy costs.
A good use for Mason or apothecary jars
Revitalize thinning hair.
Look for ways to multitask.
Consider buying a hanging shoe rack for your closet door.
Simple way to clean glass shower doors
Kid-friendly scissors sharpening
Get rid of corns on your feet.
Produce protector
A good use for old dryer sheets.
A good use for a toilet paper holder
Various ways to remove sweat stains.
To prevent milk or cream from souring in hot weather.
Ease the pain of a bee sting
A good use for coffee grounds
A good use for metal holders inside 3 ring binders
Don't want to run washer empty cycles?
How to remove grease stains from fabric
How to remove blood stains
Ceramic mug as a knife or scissors sharpener.
Vinegar as a clean up for pet accidents
Keep bugs away from plants.
Create a lost-and-found area somewhere in the home.
How to dust lampshades and plant leaves easily.
To remove deodorant stains off clothing.
Cool way to sharpen a dull razor.
A perfect storage place for a hair dryer!
More power to cleaning tiles!
Fight class-B fires (flammable liquids, such as gasoline, oil, and grease).
Prevent old books from smelling musty when in storage
Tea bags for breastfeeding moms
Clean windows and glass when you’re out of paper towels
Tea bags for puffy eyes
Tackle suitcase and gym-bag odors
Picnic in peace.
Chill a bottle of bubbly―fast (2)
Simple way to break up graham crackers or vanilla wafers to make a pie crust
Onion as a grill cleaner
Kill weeds between cracks in paving stones and sidewalks.
Remove tough stains from enameled cast iron and stainless steel
Prevent scuffs and scratches on fine china
Pack delicate items
Useful tip when repotting houseplants
Clean pet hair from the floor or furniture
How to easily pick up broken dish fragments
How to keep flies away from your windows
A set of plastic bins or plastic drawers is perfect for organizing at the poolside
Need to get rid of a coffee stain?
Have rust stains on white cotton?
How to dry out wet shoes
Do a quick clean of your bathroom every few days right after your shower.
Use small plastic bins inside your drawers
Use drawer dividers
How to keep your pillows fresh
Have candle wax stuck to a table cloth or some other fabric?
How to easily remove grass stains
Vacuum lint out of your dryer
How to make old scissors look new again
Get rid of household odors with an onion
How to store your necklaces when packing for a trip
Think about rolling shirts in drawers
Need to shine some scuffed up shoes?
Install a spice rack on your bathroom wall
Keep fabrics soft
Get rid of wrinkles in your clothes
Prevent soil from draining out of flowerpots
Organize toys
Remove sangria and red-wine stains from your washables
Clean a dishwasher
Pipe frosting
Keep chicken or turkey moist
Dust wooden furniture
Wipe away tough streaks on glass
Brighten laundry whites
Remove static from clothing, hair, TV screens, and computer monitors
A good use for a coffee filter plus a delicious dip recipe
Decorate on the cheap
Unstick a zipper
Remove dirt from leafy vegetables such as spinach
Protect precious cargo
Remove stubborn price tags or stickers
Stop seat cushions from sliding off kitchen chairs
Erase crayon, pencil, ink, and furniture scuffs from painted surfaces
Prevent wax from sticking to a candle holder
Deodorize food containers
Easy way to remove soft cheese or other sticky foods from a grater
Replace a sachet
Protect hands from popsicle drippage
Tea bags for your fridge
Use magnetic strip for small metallic items
Unwrinkle clothing while you shower
Waxing bathroom tiles
Install hooks for towels in the bathroom
A great place to store larger toiletries
Use kitchen drawer dividers in your bathroom
Where to store meats and seafood products
An easy way to deodorize a dishwasher
Set out everything you need for breakfast in the morning the night before
How to remove rust on your stainless steel silverware
Here’s another trick for cleaning stainless steel
Are your fridge seals dirty?
Use bamboo steamers for storage
Use tension rods to organize in your cabinets and cupboards.
Having trouble cleaning under your appliances?
Cling wrap in fridge
Cinnamon stick in vacuum cleaner
Room deodorizer on light bulbs
Corral your cords
Don’t use commercial wood cleaners.
Have houseplants with dusty leaves?
Did you know you can remove marks on wood furniture using a walnut?
Ketchup bottle as pancake dispenser
Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag
Use bowl as your iphone speaker
Prevent sautés made with eggplant or zucchini from getting watery
Make eggs or cream whip up faster and higher
Store homemade soup
Store panty hose
Deodorize a garbage disposal
Make wool sweaters fluffier
Substitute for lemon juice in a savory recipe
Keep a rug in place
Keep track of the remote
Treat dry skin
Preserve antique glass
Dust venetian blinds
How to strain wine from a bottle with a broken cork
Exfoliate skin
Shine the interior of copper cookware
Clean the sink with paper towels soaked in vinegar.
Let the washing machine deal with plastic shower curtains
Eliminate molds with bleach
How to get rid of furniture stains
How to easily clean a stainless steel sink and appliances
How to successfully remove oil stains from clothes
How to easily remove cooked on or burnt food from pans
An easier way of cleaning the fridge
How to effectively clean a glass or ceramic stove top
Good use for a carry all apron
Use a pair of socks to clean your window blinds
Another good use for squeegees
How to easily clean stubborn ugly stains on your carpet
Eliminate sticky residue from an iron
Knead dough
Clean up minor oil and grease spills on a garage floor or driveway
Wipe salt stains off boots
Prevent a jacket or a blouse from gaping open
Heat up leftovers in the microwave
Loosen caked-on food from a pan
A substitute for shaving cream
Economical way to wrap gifts
How to relieve a sore throat
Care for your pet cat
Create a home for slushy snow boots
An inexpensive way to wrap gifts
Whiten fingernails
How to easily clean a shower curtain liner
How to clean scorched pans
How to move heavy appliances more easily
Never hit your fingers with a hammer again
Another good use for canning jar lids
Another good use for Pine Sol
How to put ingredients in a taco shell easily
How to stop sweat spots on shirts
How to remove rust spots from kitchen knives
Need extra shower / tub storage
A great way to get rid of leftover grease
You can freeze buttermilk
A good use for a pizza cutter besides pizza
An inexpensive way to keep apple slice snacks longer
A cool way to help young kids know which shoe goes on which foot
Use oranges to keep cats off your lawn
Relieve a sore throat
Eliminate the browning that occurs when food sits out too long
Many uses for laminating paper
How to peel easily old masking tape and painters tape
How to stop picture frames from ruining walls
Too many clothes in your closet
Easy way to light a hard to reach candle
Easy way to keep garbage disposal blades clean and eliminate odor
How to remove green from hair that has come into contact with chlorine in pool
How to stop cheese from molding
How to remove water spots from sink fixtures
How to freeze tomato paste
How to pack bottles with caps safely
How to easily read your recipes while cooking
How to easily wash baby spoons, pacifiers, etc in dishwasher
Never buy dryer sheets again
An easy way to keep refrigerator shelves cleaner
To easily peel a kiwi fruit
Where to store medicine
Easier way to water indoor plants
What to do with too many eggs that can't be used right away
Another use for conditioner
To get rid of fish smell after cooking fish
How to easily unseal an envelope
Don't have time to exercise?
Easier way to make deviled eggs
To prevent soggy crust when reheating pizza
How to chill drinks fast
To silence squeaky hardwood floors
How to easily put eye drops in a child's eye
Remove chewing gum or candle wax from a tablecloth, a couch, or carpeting
Unclog a drain
Treat oily hair
Keep a pen or paper handy
Serve popcorn or other snacks
Freshen smelly shoes
Remove eye makeup
Prepare a garden
Fade tea stains on cloth
Use oranges and lemons as kindling
How to clean oven broiler pans more easily
Wrap silver in plastic
Easy waxing for kitchen wooden utensils
How to remove spots from stainless steel utensils
Smooth out nicks and scratches
How to clean a crystal pitcher safely
Remove invisible film from dishes, glasses, etc
Protect a teapot
No spot glassware
How to easily clean a blender or food processor
Remove that ring in toilets
Get rid of grime easily on bathroom tiles
Clean those tough to reach places
Easy microwave oven cleaning
Clean your bathroom mat With ease
A simple and less expensive way to clean a dirty oven
How to get rid of fish smell on your hands
How to clean fridge and make it smell good too
Kitchen still smell like last night’s dinner?
How to remove lipstick marks on clothing
How to remove ring around the collar
How to get leaking pen ink stains out of shirt pockets
How to easily clean baseboards
How to safely clean stuffed animals
How to remove set - in baby food stains
A couple household uses for toothpaste
How to clean the back seat of your car's upholstery
How to get rid of sweat stains on clothes
How to get tangles out of a doll's hair
Best way to grill hamburger patties
How to pick up glitter easy
Get rid of carpet stains with just three ingredients
Never cut yourself on blender blades again
Put your morning tea to good use
Lemon isn't just for flavor
Use salt to soak up wine spills
Stop scrubbing the toilet
Microwave oven cleaning shortcut
Store cleaning supplies in every room
Let socks do the cleaning
How to make an oven rack glide smoothly
How to clean range hood exhaust filters
Fight water rings with an unexpected item
Another use for self adhesive felt protectors
How to refresh your towels
How to clean nasty toothbrush holders and soap dispensers
How to remove water stains on fixtures
How to clean your mirror
How to keep your toilet brush clean
Quench dry skin
Salt scrub for cast iron pans
Baking pan organizer
Recipe file
Change the direction of your ceiling fans
Cleaning powder trick
Soothe sensitive skin
Rev up your morning with water
Don’t turn into a tomato, eat one
Get smoother skin
Cleaning air vents
Removing hard water stains
Rubber gloves to remove pet hair
Clean ceiling fan blades with a pillow case
Lotion can be used to shine shoes
Transform old magazines into wrapping paper
Turn an ice cube tray into a jewelry organizer
How to prevent dresses from slipping off a hanger
How to stop water in pot from boiling over
An easy way to remove grease stains from clothes
How to remove tarnish from copper pans
Another way to prevent eyes from watering when chopping onions
How to easily open a jar
To easily sharpen scissors
To stop the sound of a dripping tap
How to easily peel potatoes
How to keep soil in bottom of flowerpots
How to clean a wooden chopping board
A good way to clean patio stones
How to get rid of pesky weeds
How to easily thread a sewing needle
How to tell if eggs are fresh
How to reduce the drying time in dryers
How to easily hang a picture frame on the wall
An easy way to crush garlic
How to get rid of musty smells on old towels
How to make a simple laundry bag
How to easily peel hard boiled eggs
To stop potatoes from budding
How to keep closets fresh and dry
Another way to prepare stuffed peppers
How to make ice cubes crystal clear
How to easily remove a splinter from skin
How to clean paint trays much easier
How to make an inexpensive watering can
How to keep onions lasting longer
How to remove unpleasant smells in a kitchen
Another use for an old picture frame
How to organize jewellery
Use a Post-It note when drilling to catch the dust
How to quickly clean a cat litter tray
How to store bobby pins
How to clean a shower head
How to easily remove sand from the skin
What to use as a drip catcher for melting popsicles
How to remove crayon marks from a flat screen TV
How to prevent slices of apple from turning brown
How to clean between oven glass
Cookie sheet miracle cleaner
Clean small toys in a laundry bag
Make a natural whitener
Freshen the air naturally
Go old school with products
Renew stained linens
Use Do It Yourself window cleaner
Collect an abundance of tea towels
Keep moths away
How to clean greasy carpet
Pet food protection
Get rid of mold
Easy weed killer
Good bye blood stains on clothing
How to remove ink from skin
Medicine safety
How to fix smelly sink drains
Want fresh smelling chopping boards always?
Another way to shine brass
To remove color marker and crayon on walls
Blow dryer is not just for drying hair
How to wash a narrow vase
Keep air pure with houseplants
A simple way to clean mini blinds and venetians
To clean off mold and mildew on tiles and shower curtains
To get rid of lime build up on sinks
Another use for antacids
Another use for baby oil
Another use for disinfecting wipes
How to polish tarnished copper
Get baked-on foods off pots and pans with this cleaning tip
Wash your blinds
Drying decanters
Cleaning lampshades
How to clean houseplants
Easier bottle washing
Linen Dust Shades
How to remove ink stains
How to remove clear alcohol stains like Vodka and Gin
How to remove red wine stains
How to remove white wine stains
How to remove grease ( pizza and salad dressing )
How to remove sticky stuff such as Gum and Wax
How to remove coffee or tea stains
Mold and mildew attacking your shower curtain liner?
Zap the sponge
Another good use for play-doh
Dirty washing machine?
Keep your clothes looking vibrant
Don't have an iron?
Keep your jeans looking like new
Mend minor cracks in fine china with milk.
Quiet squeaky doors with a slice of cucumber.
Get rid of dishwasher gunk and odors with Kool-Aid.
Clean car tires with mayonnaise.
Use air-freshener to clean mirrors.
How to easily remove a splinter
Spray your Tupperware with non stick cooking spray
To remove old wax from a glass candle holder
For icy door steps in freezing temperatures
Put a little room deodorizer on a cool lightbulb
Have scratches on glass surfaces?
Wipe your windshield with vinegar on nights frost is in the forecast.
How to remove lipstick stains from clothing?
How to speed up ironing
Install spice racks on your bathroom walls.
Got some stubborn lime stains?
Clean your toilet using flat cola.
Try waxing your bathroom tiles with car polish
Pour boiling water down your drain every once in a while.
Let the blender clean itself.
Tired of the smell of your trash bin?
Clean your microwave with ease by boiling a cup of water in it first.
How to remove fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances?
Keep your plastic wrap in the fridge
How to clean houseplants with dusty leaves?
Another great use for a cinnamon stick
Make flowers last with a penny
Keep a door open with rubber bands
Another item to clean old paint brushes
Never lick envelopes no more
Use a blow dryer to remove wax spill
How to remove onion or garlic smell from hands
Dryer Sheet as Scum Buster
Denture Tablet as Vase Cleaner
Citrus Peel as Coffee Mug Cleaner
Car Wax as Stovetop Polish
Vinegar as Sticker Remover
Baking Soda as Pan Scrubber
Romaine lettuce better than iceberg lettuce
How to keep food on plates hot longer?
How to keep deep fried foods crisp?
What 1 pound of granulated sugar is equal to?
When using dried beans and peas
How to make mashed potatoes lighter and fluffier
If you have a problem opening jars
Don't throw out leftover wine
Another cure for a headache
To keep potatoes from budding in bag
How to prevent pasta noodles from boiling over while cooking
When cake recipe requires nuts
A tip when mincing garlic
What to use to warn when a double boiler's water gets low
How to easily remove every strand of corn silk from a cob of corn
How to store fresh celery
How to neatly slice a hard boiled egg
How to double the juice of a lemon
To keep cauliflower white while cooking
Effective way to clean eyeglasses
Inexpensive way to clean copper and brass items
Prevent having a tough pizza crust
How to substitute honey for sugar in recipes
To retain artichoke color while cooking it
For a milder flavor of garlic
Use margarine to panfry or saute
How to thaw ripened or aged cheese
Don't throw away lettuce that is not suitable for salads
Another way to sharpen kitchen shears
Another way to tenderize red meats
How to get fluffier and lighter mashed potatoes
To keep deep fried foods crispy
How to separate slices of bacon in a pkg easier
Using newspapers to absorb moisture
Using lemons to clean a garbage disposal
Soft haired paintbrushes as cleaning tools
A good use for white cotton gloves
A good use for bread other than eating it
Using a paint or pastry brush to clean collectibles and photo frames
How to remove mold and mildew on tiles and shower curtains
How to get rid of lime buildup on faucets
An effective way to clean toilet bowl
Another use for baby oil or lemon oil
Another use for mouthwash
Another use for dental floss
How to easily polish tarnished copper
How to easily clean a microwave oven
To get rid of scuffs on vinyl floors
To easily remove baked on food off pots and pans
How to keep garbage disposal clean
How to keep dishwasher extra clean
Good use for coffee grounds
To remove muddy stains from clothes
How to reopen a sealed envelope
One way to remove ring around the collar
How to remove color markers and crayon marks from walls
Unique way to shine brass
Easy way to pick up broken glass not seen easily
A good way to get rid of weeds
When reheating refrigerated breads, muffins or pancakes
Tip for adding garlic to food
To make scrambled eggs or omelets rich tasting
When frying ground beef
Good tip about peppers
How to store opened cheese
Good tip for bananas
Good uses for old water
To make cobs of corn taste better
Good use for kitty litter
To stop tangled hair
To protect spines of books
How to light hard to reach wicks of candles
Need an inexpensive cookbook holder?
Unique idea for no mess making pancakes
Great bbq condiments tip
Another use for Doritos
How to find tiny items like earrings
Use for a pop can tab
Identifying keys
Another use for toothpaste
Another use for hanging shoe rack besides shoes
Prevention for kids falling out of bed
How to keep wrapping paper from unrolling
How to fill container that is too big to fit in sink
Tip for adding things to a key ring
Tip for buying items at grocery store
Goodbye fruit flies
Get rid of ants
Great use for hair conditioner other than on hair
How to clean foggy windshields better
Unsticky measuring cups
Reducing static cling
How to vacuum in narrow openings
Keeping squirrels away from plants
Picking up broken glass
Wet newspaper stops weeds
Reheating breads
Expanding Frosting
Easy preparation of deviled eggs
How to keep leftover pizza crust crispy
Simple way to hull strawberries
Keeping stove top clean
To clean a cast iron skillet
Save cabinet space in the kitchen
Chalk removes grease stains from clothes.
How to clean old paint brushes
Cornstarch untangles knots
How to remove a water mark from a wooden table
A couple tips for using waxed paper
A couple tips using a bounce sheet
How to prevent apple from turning brown
How to remove stains from nails
How to keep brown sugar soft
The sun is a great bleaching agent.
How to keep toilet paper from getting crushed or wet while camping
How to store fridge odors
Preventing spaghetti sauce from staining plastic ware
How to clean shower heads
How to remove chewing gum from fabric
How to open an envelope you accidentally sealed
How to make cut flowers last longer
How to always have emergency flashlights
How to remove excess paint from a paint brush
Ways to make a heating pad or cold pack
Use for old water
What to add to boiling water before fresh corn is put in
To remove pen ink leaks
How to save on butter, sugar and other spreads
How to stop tangled hair
Protecting spines of books
Homemade reuseable gel type ice pack
No time to freeze and need something in a jiffy?
Camping cooler ideas
To make bed linens smell nice
Freshen air
Clean vases
Clean coffee pots
Perk up coffee flavor
Patch up walls
Chill wine & champagne
Eliminate Fish Odors
Paint on Salt
Remove Bicycle Rust
What to use to keep mosquitoes and bugs away
To prevent creasing on slacks
Rice as Coffee Grinder Cleaner
Preserving the flavour of fresh herbs
A tip when using rice
A good tip when using spaghetti
Proper way to whip egg whites
A way to get a good kitchen smell
How to get more lemon juice from lemons
A good use for butter wrappers
How to keep bread fresh longer
Vinegar as Garbage Disposal Deodorizer
Baking Soda as Crayon Eraser
Plastic Bags as Hand Protectors
Cooking Oil as Adhesive Remover
Plastic Bag as Shoe Protector
How to make pancakes lighter and fluffier
Ultimate Disposable Pastry Bag
Paper bags to store lettuce and celery!
Use apple cider vinegar as a shampoo/conditioner repalcement!
A tip for hulling strawberries!
Homemade flea spray!
Homemade fabric softener crystals
Info about sweat glands in feet!
Info about a blood clot in the brain!
Info about women's hearts!
How much saliva is produced in a lifetime!
Info about hairs on your body!
The human brain!
Info about pupils dilating!
Info about your weight!
What laughter can do!
How to induce a deep sleep!
How much food you will eat in a lifetime!
Important info about a cup of coffee
The real meaning of the word gymnasium!
Bathing babies!
Easy way to burn calories!!
Apple cider vinegar regulates the pH of the skin on the face
How to keep extension cords from being tangled
Another use for vases
What to use extra pieces of wallpaper for
Stop clutter at the front door
Make a lost-and-found box
Velcro away clutter
How to vacuum floors properly
How to wash and take care of certain fabrics
How to get rid of static on fabrics in dryer
Keep just the essentials near your bed
How to keep dresser drawers neater
How to make a bed easier.
Banish dust bunnies
How to store brooms
Use bedtime as clean time for the bathroom
How to keep drains free of clogs!
Clean as you go!
What to use instead of paper towels
Disinfect the garbage disposal
How to keep an oven clean
Sanitizing the Sink
Cleaning a dishwasher
Laundry Bag as Dishwashing Aid
Lemonade Kool-Aid as Dishwasher Cleaner
Lemon as Cutting Board Cleaner
Antacid Tablet as Vase Cleaner
Zippered Plastic Bag as Wax Remover
Walnut as Scratch Filler
Vinegar as Coffeemaker Cleaner
Plastic Bag as Kitchen-Cleanup Aid
Pillowcase as Ceiling Fan Duster
Newspaper as Food-Container Deodorizer
Nail Polish as Rust Preventer
Mayonnaise as Adhesive Remover
Masking Tape as Scuff Preventor
Lint Roller as Lamp Shade Duster
Vinegar as Odor Remover
Tape as Keyboard Cleaner
Toothpaste as Linoleum Cleaner
Electric Toothbrush as Grout Scrubber
Sugar as Hand Degreaser
Shower Curtain as Picnic Blanket Liner
Shoe Polish as Furniture Polish
Seam Ripper as Vacuum Roller Cleaner
Salt as Salad Wash
Rubbing Alcohol as Hairspray Remover
Rubber Glove as Pet Hair Remover
Onion as Basement Deodorizer
Newspaper as Window Washer
Mustard Powder as Jar Deodorizer
Magnet as Trash Bag Holder
Lint Roller as Glitter Pick-Up
Hair Dryer as Sticker Remover
Cotton Swab as Computer Detailer
Cornmeal as Grease Absorber
Citrus Peel as Garbage Disposal Deodorizer
Bath Mat as Car Seat Protector
Fork as Carpet Fluffer
Emery Board as Stain Remover
Eggshells as Bottle and Vase Cleaners
Dustpan as Toy Herder
Dryer Sheet as Iron Cleaner
Cooking Spray as Candlestick Cleaner
Coaster as Drip Catcher
Chalk as Tarnish Prevention
Car Wax as Sink Polish
Broom as Long Distance Duster
Aluminum Foil as Glassware Scrubber
Hair Spray as Lipstick Stain Remover
Baby Oil as Chrome Polish
Lint Roller as Handbag Cleaner
Chopsticks as Lint Remover
Newspaper as Refrigerator Odor Absorber
Salt as Iron Cleaner
Clothespin as Cord Holder
Colander as Toy Scoop
Baby Oil as Paint Remover
Panty Hose as Candle Cleaner
Binder Clip as Sponge Stand
Tennis Ball as Light Bulb Remover
Bleach Bottle as Cat Litter Scoop
Baking Soda as Stain Remover
Coffee Filter as Screen Cleaner
Collapsible Laundry Bins as Garbage Bins
Baking Soda as Tub Scrubber
How to keep popcorn fresh
When only needing a 1/2 of onion
When preparing custard pie
How to make graham wafer crust faster
How to make meringue stand up high
Making butter
What causes dry biscuits
When cutting cream pies
To get white film over egg yolks while frying
What doctors tell you about eating slowly
To keep egg yolks
To prevent bottom pie crust from becoming soggy
How to restore a limp tape measure
How to prevent lumps in gravy
How to improve beef stew flavour
How to clean white fur
How to cut a fresh cake
How to thread needle more easily
How to keep donuts from getting greasy
Recycled plastics
Salt as Homemade Drain Cleaner
How to get rid of lumps in dry cake mix
Information about maple flavoured syrup
How to get grease out of gravy
How to prepare meat for stir frying
How to thaw fish
After Christmas rush, good use of envelopes
How to keep sandwiches from being soggy on a picnic
When using fresh herbs
When a recipe calls for 1 cup sour cream
How to remove eggs shells from a batter
What chefs do to meat to cook it evenly
When making roux for a recipe
How to tenderize pot roast or stewing meat
How to get fresh flavour in orange juice
When cooking any kind of strawberry dessert
How to braise meat
How to boil a perfect egg
When tossing a salad with a basic vinaigrette
How to pick a melon
How to make your own celery flakes
How to freeze fresh fish
How to separate eggs easily
When boiling noodles
When frying sausage patties
How cheese won't harden
How to get fluffier whiter rice
How to cook hamburger patties properly
Frozen marshmallows
How to store green fruits
Sunlight doesn't ripen tomatoes
Information on ground spices
When browning ground meat
Steak sauce with a kick
Instead of water or milk for recipes
Adding more flavour to sandwiches
Solution to opening jars
How to use left over wine
Cure for headaches
To keep potatoes from budding
Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.
To hasten the cooking of foods in a double boiler
How to brown gravy in a hurry
Noodles, spaghetti and other starches won't boil over if you rub the inside of the pot with vegetable oil.
If cake recipe calls for nuts
When mincing garlic
Prevention of pan scorches and burns
How to use pie pastry scraps?
Never heat pesto sauce
Shaping ground beef patties
Working with dough
No " curly " bacon when frying
Fresh egg shells are rough and chalky
How to remove corn silk from cobs of corn
Storing freshly cut basil
Storing fresh celery
Rescue stale or soggy chips and crackers
Easy way to slice a hard boiled egg
Microwaving garlic cloves
Microwaving a lemon gets more juice
How to carve a roast
To make your own corn meal mix
A perfect pastry crust
what type of bowls to make salads
Keeping lettuce better in the fridge
Buy mushrooms open
Let raw potatoes stand in cold water before making french fries
Keep cauliflower white while cooking
For Juicer Hamburger on grill
Bone in Roast cooking time
Easier way to slice meat into thin strips
Disinfect wet, cellulose kitchen sponges
Get rid of persistent onion and garlic ordours from stainless steel
You do not need to cut the ends off green beans
How to seed a cucumber
Cooking times for fish fillet or fish steak
Best way to peel tomatoes/peaches etc
When lining a strainer with cheesecloth
For extra corny flavour in corn on the cob
When to wash fruit
Why ice cream is creamy instead of granular
When is hot oil ready in a skillet
How to cool a cake upside down without squashing it.
Optimal temperature for baked cake or Yeast bread
Best way to cut a bell pepper
Test if your custard is ready with a wooden spoon
Stop nuts from sinking to bottom of cakes and loaves
Clean a wooden cutting board
How to remove clay from leek layers
Liberate kernels from pomegranate without dyeing everything red
Use a disher to fill muffin cups
Spray paper liners of muffin cups
Keep a toothbrush sink-side
Tip for cooking fish fillet
Keep pancakes warm while cooking in batches
Make fluffier pancakes
Make gravies or sauces without lumps
Discourage cheesecake from cracking as it cools
Can't find Coconut cream
Pushing pureed food through strainer
Are your stir fries missing that Chinese restaruant texture
How to cut Chicken legs and other joints
Tip for working with dough for pie crusts or biscuits
How to seed a tomato without mangling it
Kick start a baked potato
Substitute for whole milk
For a burst of flavour in stews
How to tenderize Chickpeas
Do not grease the sides of cake pans
Easy way to peel an onion
Keep refrigerated roll of cookie dough round
Detect ripeness of pear.
Substitute for unsweetened chocolate
Citrus flavour in oils of zest tang is in Juice
What is citrus zest
Clean your spice or coffee grinder
How to frost a cake without leaving frosting on the platter it sits on.
How to prevent a pie crust soggy bottom.
How to catch juices when cutting meats without a board with a moat in it.
Use permanent market on cutting for measuring
Better way to prepare a cake for icing
Easier grating of soft cheese
Moister Meat for cutting
Revive a Crusty Bun or hard Baguette
Olive Oil as Stainless Steel Cleaner
Cook meat slightly underdone
Need to shave or cut meat thin
Seperate eggs easier
How to beat egg whites better
Barbeque tip for meat or burger patty
Prevent meringue from weeping
Cut a cake into even layers
Shortening for Pastry dough tip
Tips for cutting butter for Pastry dough
Mince Garlic with Salt
Magazine Picture perfect chocolate chip cookies
Slice a tomato evenly
When do you stop adding dusting to bread dough
Parchment paper slings
To Pit an olive
Chalk as a Tarnish Prevention
Don't have a juicer
Preheat your skillet
How to trim Asparagus
Salt as Egg Cleanup
Vanilla as Freezer Freshener
Working with chocolate truffles or plain chocolate
Better whipped cream
Keep grilled burgers level and evenly cooked
Prevent Soggy pizza crust
Check if your yeast dough has risen enough
Use refrigerated or frozen leftover potatoes
Stash leftover vegetables in freezer
How to test the doneness of roast turkey or chicken
Mince cilantro or parsley easily
Create a fountain to rinse rice
How to chop leafy herbs
Measuring properly
Freeze Tomato or Tamarind paste
Avoid clumping when freezing berries & meatballs
Easily Peel Eggs
For Smooth mash potatoes
Feng Shui Spruce Up
Cut the mess when chopping canned tomatoes
Make Chcolate shavings with vegetable peeler
Get more Juice from a Lemon
Do not Confuse a knife steel for a knife sharpener
How to peel ginger easily
Reduce the heat on hot chiles
Car Wax as Garden Shear Lubricant
For Better Cookies
Salt as Polishing Agent
Onion as a Basement Deodorizer
Lemon as Laundry Brightener
Socks as Floor Protector
Carmelize Onions
Cooking Eggplant
For Crispy Fish Skin
#88 - Do not dress the salad when having a big party
#87 - Make sure your saute pan is turned away from you on stove.
#86 - Cook more often
#85 - Cook with other people
#84 - Use a good cooking oil
#83- Get the best results from zesting
#81 - Prolong the lifespan of Greens
#80 - Fry eggs the Spanish Way
#79 - Do not be too hard on yourself
#78 - Always have flavoured vinegar near the stove
#77 - Buy fresh Garlic
#76 - Enjoy your time in the kitchen
#75 - Clean as you go
#74 -Try smoked fleur de sel:
#73 - Have your ingredients in place
#72 -For perfect Vegetable Soup
#70 Serving Cake
#69 - Use a Cake Tester for lots more
#68 - How to make risotto properly
#67 - Do not have to time to brine Chicken?
#65 No Shortcuts in Baking
#66. when using fresh cilantro or parsley
#64 When grilling steaks
#63 Better tasting Asparagus
#62 - Best Louisiama style roux
#59 Better ground beef
#57 Cook fish with respect
#56 Taste befoe serving
#54 Season in stages
#53 Keep fresh basil fresh longer
#52 Enjoy fresh fruit year round
#51 Full chicken roasting tip to not overcook breast
#50 Another tip for sauteing
#49 Another pasta tip
#48 Invest in Parchmwnr paper
#47 Keep bright colour in vegetable after blanching
#46 Rest Rest Rest
Seasoning a salad
Add cheese
Different way to marinate meat
Invest in High quality olive oil
Best nice crispy caramelization on roasted vegetables
Best way to smash garlic
Best frypan to use for cooking
To cup pancetta or bacon into lardons
Browning meat
Saute garlic best way
Safe knife storage
Use of oil when making pasta
Preparation of onion for Salsa
Leftover braised beef or slow roasted beef
Recipes are only guidlines
Organize your prep steps
Tips on bringing out full flavours in food
Tip for cutting corn off the cob
Cooking tip
Different way to Roast chicken
How to Test small qty of meatloaf or meatballs before baking
For quick & easy weeknight meals
Best Vinaigrettes
Tip for best baking results
How to season meat and fish evenly
Keep it simple when making a recipe
How make a great sandwich with mayo
When chopping Herbs stop them from flying around
Healthy rich creamy dressings
Adding pieces when deep frying
Adding more oil when sauteing
Remember Schmaltz
Brine Turkey
Cleaning your hands after working with Garlic
Sunny side up eggs with a difference
How long to cook pasta
When not to use a new recipe
How much stock to make at a time
When to use a coarse Microplane
Where to store spices
Cooking times for smaller items
Take the stress out of prep work.
Stop your dryer from overheating
Get rid of Ants
Goodbye fruit flies
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