NOTE: All times listed are Liverpool, NS local time (GMT -4:00/-3:00).
Right now it's 5:39 PM on Sunday, February 25 in Liverpool.

  • 12:00am
    with Soft Hits

    QCCR plays all the Soft Hits throughout the early hours for your easy listening enjoyment.

  • 6:00am
    with John Leefe

    Liverpool Mayor and local historian John Leefe tells fascinating true tales from Queens County's past.

  • 6:30am
    with Amy Wolfe

    If you've been wanting to try yoga, but you've thought you weren't able to do it, Chair Yoga is for you!  Let Amy Wolfe talk you through a half hour of easy, simple yoga stretches that will keep you healthy and fit.

  • 7:00am
    with Corey Walker

    Remember the days when the family gathered around the radio to listen to the popular entertainers of their time? Hear Burns and Allen, Jackie Gleason, and many more, to get you started on your Sunday mornings.

  • 8:00am
    with Sunday Gospel

    QCCR opens the gospel music vault on Sunday, and plays some of your favourite classic gospel tunes.

  • 9:00am
    with Dan and Vina

    As the name suggests, this show is defintely homegrown. Dan and Vina bring you the best contemporary gospel and spiritual music from artists in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island--and occasionally even The Rock! Many of the featured artists hail from right here on Nova Scotia's South Shore.

  • 10:00am
    with Soft Hits

    A selection of songs from the QCCR music vault.

  • 1:00pm
    with Norm Amirault

    Classic rock. We may not know how to define it, but we know it when we hear it. And you can hear it every day with host Norm Amirault, bringing you the very best classic rock songs from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

  • 4:00pm
    with Ruth Smith

    The Sunday Supper Show is easy listening soft hits. There's some great music as well as tips and interesting chat.

  • 6:00pm
    with Loran Fevens

    Sentimental Journey, with host Loran Fevens, plays some of the most memorable classics and "old time radio programs segments" from the 30's, 40's and a bit beyond--it's the ultimate in nostalgia.

  • 8:00pm
    with Gord Heffler

    Let Gord Heffler take you on a trip to the past, with some terrific artists from no later than 1968. 

  • 10:00pm
    with Soft Hits

    A selection of songs from the QCCR music vault.

  • 11:30pm
    with History Vault

    Join Dan MacLaren and guests Linda Rafuse & Kathy Stitt from the Queens County Museum as they bring you the history of Queens County, one topic at a time. Hear about the history of our people, communities and our land marks.

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