Municipality asks for answers on fish farm

The Region of Queens municipality is sending a long list of questions about the potential fin fish farm expansion in Liverpool Bay, but is still taking a neutral stance overall.

In council on Feb. 12, councilors voted to send the letter to Kelly Cove Salmon, a subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture, about their proposed Salmon Farm expansion in the Bay. Kelly Cove currently operates an existing pen in the harbor, but seeking to expand.

Currently the company is scoping the bay, which means they are gathering evidence to see if the locations are suitable and safe to put more cages in. From their it would go to the provincial aquaculture review board for decision.

Mayor David Dagley said they don’t expect a direct response to the letter. Rather, the letter would go with the submissions sent to the provincial aquaculture review board if Kelly Cove decides to go further with their application.

“If the review board finds that there were scientific requests for Kelly Cove to follow up on and they did not, I’m sure the board would want to know why.”

The Region of Queens has no say over approving the application, as it is under provincial jurisdiction.

The group Protect Liverpool Bay was disappointed that the letter did not come out against the farm, and refused to be a co-signer however.

The Region of Queens municipality sent a copy of the letter beforehand to the group, and offered for them to co-sign the letter.

Anne Laws represented the group in council on Feb. 12, and said while they appreciate that the Region is asking questions about the development, it is not line up with their mandate of no fin fish farms in Liverpool or Nova Scotia.

“We are disturbed and saddened that the Region is not supporting our position that fin fish farming has no place in the marine environment.”

She added they are Also concerned that if Kelly Cove provides adequate explanation to the questions, that it could be taken as they are giving approval for the farm to go ahead.

Laws again called for council to take a stand against fin fish farming in Nova Scotia.