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LightSail Energy and Queens County

Published Thursday, April 13, 2017

The wind turbines that have been constructed in Brooklyn, near the Port Mersey Commercial Park, by a wind developer called Watts Wind Energy are part of a trial run for a new energy storage technology.

The new technology that is being tested here in Nova Scotia has been developed by Canadian scientist and co-founder of LightSail Energy, Danielle Fong.

Danielle Fong, who attended Dalhousie University and graduated with honours in physics and computer science, also let her passion for sustainable energy lead her to a PhD program at Princeton University.

This new technology is being developed to find a way to store the renewable energy being produced by these wind turbines for times that the wind isn’t blowing.

The technology will be taking the energy produced and attempting to store it in compressed air. After the energy is stored in compressed air, which heats up, LightSail captures the heat using a fine, dense water mist. The heat energy is then returned and the compressing air is then cooled while the expanding air is heated. LightSail calls this process regenerative air energy storage.

As wind and solar power are becoming more affordable, Danielle hopes to continue to refine and find solutions for the issues these resources may face, and the wind turbines right here in Queens County are a part of that.

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